About Us


At Wolf Bear Hosting, we've produced a cloud hosting platform that is both feature-packed and easy to make use of. Our programmers have designed a custom Linux cloud web hosting platform as well as an impressive Online Control Panel that completely employs its capabilities.

As a result of long hours of development and testing on our side, we are now able to ensure that our cloud hosting services are safe, virus-free, rich in functionalities and simple to work with.

Additionally, they feature 99.9% server uptime plus 99.9% network uptime guarantees.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform

Designed by some of the most experienced developers, our cloud hosting platform operates perfectly whatever the website you have there or the number of simultaneous guests are browsing your website. It can also survive pretty much any distributed denial–of–service attack. This is why we’ll confidently give you a 99.9% uptime warranty.

This means that your website will always be on the Internet and will continue to serve all your guests no matter what occurs on the server.

The Online Control Panel

Site management has always been something troublesome for new users, considering that it calls for a major learning curve. That is why we created a user–friendly and uncomplicated Online Control Panel.

We crafted it as identical as it can be to standard tools customers work within their daily interactions with their laptops or computers. This way there is hardly any learning curve.

Not to mention, we have now enclosed a large number of additional tools, which can help you secure and improve your active website’s performance or create your completely new website within a few minutes.


Support is certainly indispensable when you manage a web hosting enterprise. Our skilled professionals come available 24/7. And we also have a one–hour response time warranty, so that all assistance topics are answered within sixty minutes.

This means you are able to get in touch at 12 A.M. on New Year’s Eve and we’ll be there, all set to help you.

Contact us if you have any questions: contact@wolfbearhosting.com